Albert Camus - The renegade, or the confused mind-

by A.Camus

This long this long dream, I awaken, but no I am going to die, the dawn is breaking, the first light of day for other living creatures, and for me the inexorable sun, the flies. Who is speaking, no one, the sky does not part, no, no, God does not speak in the desert, then what is the source of this voice saying: “If you consent to die for hatred and power, who will forgive us?” Is it another tongue inside me or still that other one who refuses to die at my feet, repeating:” Courage, courage,courage”? Ah! What if i were mistaken again! fraternal man in other times, last resort, O solitude, do not forsake me! Here, here, who are you, torn apart, mouth bleeding, it is you, sorcerer, the soldiers defeated you, the salt in burning over there, it is you my beloved master! Leave behind that face of hatred, be good now, we were mistaken, we shall begin again, we will rebuild the city of Gods mercy, I want to go home. Yes, help me, that’s it, hold out your hand, give…

A fistful of salt fills the mouth of the babbling slave.

“Exile and the Kingdom”

-from, the renegade, or a confused mind-


Albert Camus

Albert Camus