Hafiz Kheir

Hafiz Kheir was born 1968 in Khartoum Sudan and moved to the UK in 1992. He is a writer translator and a filmmaker a graduate of the Film & Television School at The London Institute (June 2000). He studied drama and theatre from 1982 to 1986 at the Youth Palace Omdurman Sudan.


I saw the angel
and the singing birds slaughtered.
I saw the horse,
the soldiers,
the grieving women,
the dead trees, and other women
inured to screams and wailing.

I saw the streets, the gusting wind,
the sports cars
racing by, the boats, the innocent kids.

I said, ‘Master of the Water, this is
how things are: tell me about the clay,
the fire, the smoke, the shadows, the smell
of reality.’ Deliberately, I did not ask
about our homes.