Red Bicycle

Azita Ghahreman*

I still dream

of my red bicycle

on the green shores of summer,

my unruly hair casting shadows on the water,

my school work peppered with grape pips.

Pulling away, growing up, was hard

in that weather of thorns and stones,

I let the bright shining marbles slip from my fingers, one by one.

No-one to play with, I sat by the side of the road,

my bicycle, rusty in the shed,

that green shore, a picture on the wall.

*Azita Ghahreman

Azita Ghahreman, was born in Mashhad in 1962. One of Iran's leading poets, she has lived in Sweden since 2006. She is a member of the South Sweden Writers' Union.

She has published five collections of poetry: Eve's Songs (1991), Sculptures of Autumn(1995), Forgetfulness is a Simple Ritual (2002), The Suburb of Crows (2008), (a collection reflecting on her exile in Sweden that was published in both Swedish and Farsi), and Under Hypnosis in Dr Caligari's Cabinet (2012).

Her poems directly address questions of female desire and challenge the accepted position of women.

A collection of Azita's work was published in Swedish in 2009 alongside the work of Sohrab Rahimi and Christine Carlson. She has also translated a collection of poems by the American poet and cartoonist, Shel Silverstein, into Farsi, The Place Where the Sidewalk Ends (2000). And she has edited three volumes of poems by poets from Khorasan, the eastern province of Iran that borders Afghanistan and which has a rich and distinctive history.


Azita's poems have been translated into German, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese, Swedish, French and English.