Luljeta Lleshanaku & "The negative Space"

Me "Negative Space" Luljeta Lleshanaku ma ka marrë krejt vemendjen. Kushedi si tingëllon shqip! -kaq fuqishëm vjen ajo në gjuhen angleze. Poezia e saj asht melodi, ndjenjë e mendim i qartë. 
" I was born on a Twesday in April
I didn't cry. Not because I was stunned. I wasn't even mad.
I was the lucky egg, trained for gratitude 
inside the belly for nine months straight...

... Neither cold, nor warm.
"it was a clear day," my mother told me.

It's hard to believe
there were a few romantic evenings
when I was conceived, a buzz in a retina
and red-laced magma
decadently peeling off
a silver candlestick."

Ja si shkruan "The New York Times" për poeteshën tonë:
" Details coalesce to paint the Albania of Lleshanaku's internal exile and, in the end, we feel blessed that she has invited us to the takeoffs and landings / on the runway of her soul."

Ndërsa "The Guardian" shkruan:
" Hers are certainly about history, politics, and power. But Lleshanaku is also original. When she turns her attention to love, the sense of human fate is unsparing. The tyrant's insistence that there is no private realm has the unintended effect of making it necessary to write powerful and durable poems."

Lleshanaku asht shpirt i lirë. Lindun e rritun nën diktaturën komuniste, ajo bahet pishtar drite e frymë revolte kundër saj.
Ani Gjika (përkthyesja) nga ana e saj, ka ofruar një anglishte të dorës së parë.

Luljeta Lleshanaku

Luljeta Lleshanaku